Dr Simko’s practice philosophy revolves around the healing powers of whole foods and natural plant medicines, to restore the body’s natural internal regulatory functions and healing capacity. Acupuncture is also utilized to activate organ functions, relieve pain, and move stagnant chi in the patient’s body. Recognized western diagnostics and treatments are considered and integrated when in the patient’s best interest for humane care. Every effort is made to bring the human client into the healing process for the benefit of their animal companion. Extensive consultation is available to fully investigate all the available options for treatment and rehabilitation. Loving hospice care is available. Each consultation is customized to the needs and life stage of the pet, taking into consideration the concerns of the human care provider. Referrals are always available as are coordinated health care efforts.

The healing intent of the human-animal bond is integral to the healing process and we strongly encourage the people caring for their pets to take responsibility for their companion’s care within the bounds of their abilities. Clinical interventions and diagnostics alone will not heal the patient. Informed nursing care guided by loving intent is the foundation of recovery from illness and suffering. Dr Simko has tremendous sensitivity to the emotional landscape of the human animal bond. Her goal in practice is to empower animal lovers to make informed choices about the care of their pets. This goal is based upon the knowledge that there are many paths to healing and that compliance with treatment requires the freedom to choose which path to take.