Consultations occur in the home environment, which provides a more relaxed space to observe the pet and gather information.

Services available include:

Regular blood work and urinalysis is recommended in geriatric or chronically ill patients. Most diagnostics can be coordinated with the patient’s primary care provider and referrals for imaging studies are available if needed. Our focus on quality of life and resolution of disease signs may be addressed with both the western pharmacy as well as plant based remedies depending on practicality and efficacy.

Whole foods are key to rebuilding diseased tissues and Dr Simko considers commercial dry pet foods to be a subsistence diet at best. Whenever possible she works to have some part of the animal’s diet transitioned to homemade whole foods, as this is most compatible for healing. Recipes are constructed utilizing the patients prior health needs and Chinese medical pattern.

Depending on the severity of the problem acupuncture may be recommended on a weekly basis for two months. Herbal formulations can be utilized to treat imbalances in the body that cause disease. After the patient has been on herbs for a month, we try to increase the interval between acupuncture treatments to biweekly and then monthly. Conditions that have been treated with traditional Chinese medicine include: intervertebral disk disease, hip dysplasia, partial cruciate ligament tears, muscle pain, inflammatory bowel disease, separation anxiety, the sequelae of chemotherapy, lung inflammatory diseases due to viral infections as well as COPD, as well as palliative care for many other chronic endocrine and autoimmune problems.